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2006 Canadian Blog Awards – Nominations Now Open

2006 Canadian Blog Awards – Nominations Now Open

Think you have the Best Blog?

The 2006 Canadian Blog Awards nominations are open. Go and nominate your favorite blog(s) in the following categories:

Canadian Blog AwardsBest Blog ‘€¢ Best Conservative Blog ‘€¢ Best Progressive Blog ‘€¢ Best New Blog ‘€¢ Best Group Blog ‘€¢ Best Humour Blog ‘€¢ Best Photo/Art Blog ‘€¢ Best Entertainment Blog ‘€¢ Best Personal Blog ‘€¢ Best Media Blog ‘€¢ Best Business Blog ‘€¢ Best Religious Blog ‘€¢ Best Sports Blog ‘€¢ Best Blog Post ‘€¢ Best Blog Post Series ‘€¢ Best Activities Blog ‘€¢ Best Cultural Blog ‘€¢ Best Family Blog ‘€¢ Best Local Blog ‘€¢ Best Sci/Tech Blog

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And yes, you can nominate your own blog. Nominations will close on November 12, 2006. Voting will begin thereafter on November 15, 2006. There is quite a list accumulating on the CBA nominations page. Is your favorite blog listed?

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