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3 Million Checkins Were Made On Foursquare Day

3 Million Checkins Were Made On Foursquare Day

Foursquare LogoJust a little over two years ago Foursquare was a new startup that made its debut during SXSW 2009. Today at a little over 2 years old the checkin service celebrated an amazing 3 million checkins on Foursquare Day (April 16th).

The high level of checkins were a record breaker for Foursquare’s daily checkin count. To put that in perspective the 100 Millionth checkin was made in July of last year.

City support for Foursquare Day tripled when compared to last year’s numbers. Over 300 cities officially declared April 4th to be Foursquare day and massive city-wide celebrations took place. Fans and supporters got together to host Foursquare related parties which encourage checkins and helped the service reach 3 Million checkins for the day.

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How did Foursquare day originate and why isn’t it the launch day at SXSW? The day was determined by Tampa, Florida resident Nate Bonilla-Warford by finding the square of 4 which is 16. 4 and 16 were matched to April 16th and was unofficially declared as Foursquare day.

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