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How I Blog: Gayla McCord

How I Blog: Gayla McCord

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Gayla McCord, Mom, Blogger.


When I’€™m not being called Trey and Coty’€™s mom (twin 13-year-old boys) or Rusty’€™s wife, my name is Gayla McCord. I am self diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and obsessive compulsive behavior. Because of these two personality traits, I have developed 11 of my own blogs and maintain 2 blogs for b5media.

I’€™ve always encouraged people to take anything they are passionate about, even if it’€™s rummage sales, pets or underwater basket weaving – whatever and therein could be a blog! That’€™s exactly what I’€™ve done. In fact, I had to go on the patch to quit creating more blogs.

I no longer go to bed at night trying to figure out what I am going to write about the next day, I no longer have to stick to a set agenda. My personal goal is to produce 6 entries per week minimum on each blog. I took that goal ‘€“ developed an excel spreadsheet that marks each blog, each day for one full week. As I progress through the week, I mark off the entries I’€™ve made leaving me one day each week to ponder what I’€™m going to write to fill the gap ‘€“ when there is one.

I’€™ve been criticized a few times for the way I write, but having been a patient advocate for nearly 8 years and having met hundreds of people in person that have read my writings who’ve told me they could easily pick me out of a crowd simply because I write exactly like I talk – I think my writing quirks are as much a part of me as my huge blue eyes.

There are times I intentionally toss in spelling errors ‘€“ being proud of my southern drawl (they don’€™t call me Daisy O’€™Hara for nothing) ‘€“ I like to place a bit of emphasis on it from time to time. It’€™s the one trait I got from grandma that I will carry proudly ‘€“ Go U.T. I’€™d have preferred her soft Indian skin that never needs shaving, but who I am I to be choosey?

Having been raised in the Midwest, and yes, by a farmer/farmer’s wife ‘€“ I have only one certificate hanging on my wall that proves I own three stocks in Starbucks ‘€“ and I truly earned every one with as much coffee as I drink! I believe this has helped create a comfort level in which many don’€™t feel intimidated contacting me. As long as phonics works like it’€™s supposed to and I can sound out what they are trying to say or ask – I’€™m good to go! It’€™s true what they say ‘€“ ‘€œMidwest farmer’€™s daughters make you feel alright!’€?

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Regardless of what mood I’€™m in when I roll out of bed, there’€™s always something to write about and Gayla’€™s Place ‘€“ the blog I consider to be my ‘€œhome base’€? is a true reflection of the ‘€œreal me’€? in that there is no theme, there is no set topic, there is nothing more than an obvious need of Ritalin and one more pot of coffee ‘€“ always. Once there, it’€™s difficult to say what direction my blogging will take ‘€“ but always, by the end of the day, I’€™ve had a successful day of blogging and I’€™ve always learned something new ‘€“ either through the news or about one of my existing bloginalities ‘€“ umm personalities.

The various online personalities I maintain are:
Celebrity Gossiper
Dating Advisor
Work at Home Mom Adviser
STD Patient Advocate
Blended Family Experiences (I’m also the Bonus-Mom to Ariel and Denton)
Wife of a Gardener
Teen Zone ‘€“ editor (my kids’€™ virtual lemonade-stand ‘€“ I’€™m passing on the passion)
Three Midwest related blogs (real estate, politics and travel)
And I’€™m a Gadget Mom

Finally, I encourage everyone to have a blog. It’s a great form of therapy if nothing else. Regardless of how you’re feeling or what you want to say, you can write to your little hearts content and feel as though there’s another set of eyes out there that might be reading or you might just connect with someone much like yourself whom you might have never met otherwise.

The possibilities are endless.

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