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44 Days Until Yahoo360 Closes Shop

44 Days Until Yahoo360 Closes Shop

It’s an unfortunate reality that some children never make it to adulthood. In the same vein, some Websites never graduate from beta.

Finally succumbing to the Web Grim Reaper is Yahoo 360. Now if you’re sitting comfortably in the U.S. or Europe, there’s a good chance this news is irrelevant to you. After all, the primary reason Y360 is being shut down is due to lack of use. However, if you reside in Vietnam, where, believe it or not, Yahoo 360 is the #1 blog platform, the news might cut like a knife. (Though it should be no surprise; support ceased back in ’07.)

The shutters go up for good on July 13 and Yahoo is urging 360 users to rely on the standard Yahoo profile. You may also migrate your blog to several other platforms.

A new product, Yahoo 360Plus, has been created specifically for the Vietnamese market.

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So if you’re one of the few with content on Yahoo 360 – act now! There are only 44 days and counting to move your content.

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