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5 Blogging Networks for Sponsored Posts

5 Blogging Networks for Sponsored Posts

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A sponsored post is different from an ad and different from the blog itself. The goal of a sponsored post is to blend into its surroundings without screaming “Sale!” or “Please buy this product!”. They are cohesive and typically very strategically placed into blogs that are already attracting a specific niche of readers and followers. Let’s talk about blogging networks.

What is a blogging network? 

This network is different from what you would generally think of as freelance networks or job post websites. A sponsored post blogging network connects bloggers and influencers with brands who can have a mutual gain from the post. As a blogger or influencer, you can sign up for brands that you think will land well with your audience, and feel will be an easy fit for you to blend into your content or blogs seamlessly. Not all brands will have the same criteria to meet because just like influencers and bloggers can be picky when choosing what to apply for, brands will be selective with who they allow to be a representation of their brand.

Some niches fare better than others for sponsored posts such as food or beauty blogs, along with others.

Food blogs

One of the biggest sources of clicks for blogs is because they have an audience of food-focused readers, as well as someone who does not always read blogs trying to find an easy recipe for dinner or a meal to bring to a potluck. Sponsored posts are easy to slide into those blogs and social media posts.

Beauty blogs

Arguably the easiest to throw sponsored posts into because no matter if it is a sponsored post or not, the influencer is probably using a name-brand product in their post. With the recent rise of TikTok’s famous GRWM “Get Ready With Me” videos, brands have been able to latch onto an influencer and run with the sales generated from followers wanting the same products as used in a video.

Best Blogging Networks 

Real Clever 

Clever takes care of everything when trying to expand your reach through influencer marketing from the brand side of things. As an influencer or blogger, this means the network itself will vet you and strategize before allowing placement with a brand. Clever does the heavy lifting with recruiting the right influencer from in-network, or out-of-network if needed. They ask in-depth questions about the brand to find its overall vibe, target audience, location, and more. Influencers are able to apply for different campaigns, but at the end of the day, Clever has the ability to pick and choose who they feel is right for the job.

Blog Meets Brand

A play on everyone’s favorite 90s show “Boy Meets World”, Blog Meets Brand brings an analytical focus to the table in regard to influencer marketing and sponsored posts. They use algorithms to bring the best matches of influencers and brands together, where the money can being flowing via sponsored posts and paid partnerships.


Izea is another great brand that influencers and bloggers can use to incorporate sponsored posts into their content and blogs. They launched in 2006 and have been growing with the ever-changing trends ever since. Plus, they were the first platform that created a space for bloggers and influencers to be in one place. They were able to be placed with different brands that pay for sponsored posts.

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From Acorn, influencers receive brand offers via email for any job that they qualify for. These qualifications will be predetermined based on your profile when signing up, and your social media platforms and blogs. Just like not all brands are for everyone, not all influencers are for everyone. So, creating a pool of qualified influencers is important to the placement process. Once selected, the influencer pitches an idea for the brand. In other words, apply for the brand deal. If you are selected to represent the brand in the campaign you will of course be compensated and considered for similar brand campaigns in the future.

Aspire IQ 

Aspire gives brands the ability to search for desirable influencers and bloggers that they feel will match their current audience, as well as help them expand their reach. They also focus on managing the partnership once a brand and an influencer or blogger have agreed to a campaign.

Wrap Up

Sponsored posts are great for both brands and influencers and bloggers. They create a mutual benefit for expanding the reach of an audience while also having a monetary value. These 5 influencer networks will be a great start for any brand or creator looking to make more money from sponsored posts.

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