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5 Clean Energy Blogs to Read in 2019

5 Clean Energy Blogs to Read in 2019

Clean energy is a powerful force for battling climate change and saving the environment. For the first time, two states- California and Hawaii- had committed to 100 percent clean energy goals last year. That means a total of one hundred cities have committed towards 100 percent clean energy.

The Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport in Tennessee announced in 2018 that it would be the first airport in the U.S to run on 100% solar power and other airports are interested in the same thing. Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Georgia is also researching how to merge solar power and battery storage to help power the airport during cloudy days and during the night.

Xcel Energy, a major utility company based in Minneapolis, became the first utility company in the U.S. to commit to 100 % clean energy in 2019.

The Future of Green Energy

The renewable energy sector is rapidly expanding. In 2016 renewable solar energy became cheaper than fossil fuels for the first time ever. With countless renewable energy news and blogs that are devoted to clean energy, it would be challenging to find good renewable energy content. We’ve investigated a lot of clean energy blogs and found the best blogs with the latest clean energy news for you.

Her is our list of the beat clean energy blogs that you should read this year:

1. GreenTech Media (GTM)

GreenTech Media is one of the most popular sources of clean energy and technology new. The renewable energy revolution has gained more traction as worries about climate change and environmental issues are increasingly becoming a global problem. This has made clean energy products increasingly profitable, cheaper and practicable in the business world. Solar Energy Stocks are also becoming more attractive to investors who want to help businesses fighting climate change.

Greentech Media has continually updated blogs, detailed information about renewable energy, and research that currently leads the world of renewable energy.

Greentech Media is a leader in renewable energy news around the world.

2. The International Energy Agency(IEA)

The International Energy Agency is an independent group which aims to make sure that inexpensive, stable, and renewable power is accessible to all of its 20 member nations and beyond. The IEA was established during the 1973 to 1984 oil crisis. Furthermore, this agency has been an authority in renewable energy for many decades.

This global leader in environmentalism and energy has had the most up-to-date data in green energy sources long before the public even saw it as a crisis. The group’s team also has one of the most popular renewable energy blogs on earth. They have over 200 experts in the field of clean energy ready to updated their readers on any clean power related news.

3. Ygrene Energy Fund

Ygrene is an award-winning green energy pioneer that leads the country in clean power funding for commercial buildings, private properties, and homeowners, in the U.S. Ygrene Energy Fund also provides an excellent blog with the latest renewable energy news and reliable advice on living for local groups across America. Their blogging team covers a broad range of subjects that are concerning to the individual, supporting and giving a voice to communities who want to help the environment through clean energy.

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The Ygrene Energy Fund also offers a wonderful newsletter, which you can subscribe to on their homepage blog.

4. CleanTechnica

This website is considered by most people to be the leading source of clean technology in the United States. CleanTechnica covers a broad range of topics including renewable energy storage, electric cars, wind power, solar energy, and energy efficiency.

CleanTechnica has been bringing in-depth clean energy discussions for more than a decade. Their team of professionals brings well-researched topics on green energy regularly. They have a massive following on social media making them a powerful tool for bringing renewable energy news to the people.

5. EcoWatch

EcoWatch has millions of dedicated readers monthly making this blog one of the most popular websites for ecologists in the world. While most renewable energy news sites focus on the industrial and financial impacts of clean energy, EcoWatch focuses on the impact on clean energy on our planet.

They mainly focus on renewable energy topics like sustainable living, preservation of natural resources, combating climate change, and sustainable business practices.

EcoWatch is a leading, highly trusted source on clean energy news. They also aggregate over 60 news websites around the world.

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