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6 Amazing Mom Influencers Who Juggle Work and Babies

6 Amazing Mom Influencers Who Juggle Work and Babies

It is always so inspiring to see mom influencers juggle both a young baby and a career. Being a mother is a full-time job. Because of this, many moms put their children first before their careers. A lot of women choose to put in less time at work, especially when they have very young children. It is quite difficult to juggle a full-time career and be a mom to very young children. However, choosing between motherhood and a full-time job shouldn’t be a choice that moms have to make. It is always possible to have both. This is especially true in workplaces (and countries) that have policies to support (not just moms but also) both new parents.

Just like these super mom influencers, women can juggle babies and a successful career. Let us all be inspired by these super cool mom influencers:

Valeria Lipovetsky

She does not have that many followers on social media, but she is one of the most inspiring mom influencers out there. A mom of three at only 25 years of age, she is able to juggle a successful business and raising her children while flaunting fashionable outfits. Her major source of income is from YouTube where she vlogs about her daily comings and goings. Valeria was sky-rocketed to fame even more after she went viral on TikTok for her easy (but luxurious looking) fashion. She blogs about her children, how she handles a YouTube channel, a business, and her three young boys. She is well-known in the fashion industry as she was a model when she was much younger. Now, she owns a media company (Valeria, Inc.) and a full-glam jewelry line (Leia).

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Ilana Wiles

Well-known for her alias Mommy Shorts, she is a famous NYC writer, blogger, and parent. Her mom blog is quite popular because of how relatable her content is. She blogs about her children, parenting experiences, and more. The most trending content she curates would be on ‘tips on how to survive parenting’. Her content is great not only for young parents but even for seasoned parents who just want a laugh.

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She is one of the influencers that prove influence is not just measured by numbers. She proves that influence is also measured by how a person feels looking at her content. Her content is inspiring and cozy. More than just an Instagram influencer, she is a visual storyteller. The posts on her Instagram is made with amazing and artistically taken photographs. Unlike other Instagram influencers, her content and posts are like looking through a photo album of a person’s life. It is not just about posing in a fancy outfit with an impressive background. There are candid photos of her family, she has posts about spending time alone or with her children. She has photos of her apartment, nature, and more. It is an amazing look-book of someone’s life.

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Aliyah and Shah (Boss Mom Nation)

These two cool moms not only created a full-force, incredible fashion line, but they also pushed for the boss mom advocacy. The concept of their brand is that ‘it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a nation to support moms’. Again, moms don’t have to make the difficult decision of choosing between their children and their jobs. Moms can have successful, full-time careers as long as there is ample policies to support them. This is not just support from the company but also support from the government. Let us all advocate for Boss Moms, they deserve it!

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Sia Cooper

Her content, Diary of a Fit Mom, is not like other mom blogs. No, the content is not just about ‘getting back’ a body post-pregnancy. It talks about health, wellness, and workout. Her posts focus not just on exercising but how to create a strong body that could meet all the physical requirements of being a mom. There are also recipes and meal plans that moms can share with her family. She just proves that a mom can be confident with however her body looks as long as she (and her babies) is well and healthy.

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Glennon Doyle

It is true that being a mom can be tolling at times, especially for new parents. The exhaustion, and the stress can be difficult to navigate through. And there are days that parenting can be so demanding, moms (and even dads) just need some breathing space. This is what Glennon Doyle became very famous for – the Momastery. It is an online community for moms and dads to connect with other parents. They can share tips, ask questions, or even rant out. Her page became so popular because it is a private and intimate community for parents to just breathe. Glennon Doyle is a bestselling author and she is also an activist.

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