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6 Lifesavers for Bloggers

6 Lifesavers for Bloggers

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Being a freelancer blogger is no easy task; after all, it’s pretty stressful not knowing when a project will end, figuring out where your next client is coming from, or making sure that you’re completing blogs in the right amount of time to lead to a lucrative hourly rate. Luckily, there’s a plethora of other professionals at the ready who can make your blogging career a little easier. Get them on your side, and on your payroll, to maximize your earnings.

There are new freelance opportunities popping up everywhere, and The Guardian is reporting on some of them, but did you know that freelance bloggers are the perfect match for other freelancers? “Freelancing” is an industry in itself, and blogging is just a small part of it. You can’t be expected to also be an expert accountant, attorney or HR specialist, so make sure you have these lifesavers at your fingertips:

1. AP/AR

Tracking your accounts payable and accounts receivable is crucial to keeping your bottom line intact. For the tech savvy blogger, there are many software options, but you might prefer relying on a bookkeeping specialist. Check out Business News Daily for tips on the best software for your needs, or find a local freelancer with a solid portfolio to take care of line items for you. However, AP/AR isn’t complete with itemizing your deductions.

2. CPA

An accountant is a professional that no freelance blogger can go without. You need to know your quarterly tax estimates, what you can and can’t write off, and when you can take on a new project without pushing you into a new tack bracket. Plus, a CPA’s fees can all be written off for the following tax year. There are new options for write-offs, deductions, and credits each year, and a professional can help you keep more of what you earn.

3. HR for payroll

A successful blogger will eventually hire their own freelance editors, fact checkers, web developers and other pros. Payroll can be tricky, which is why relying on an outsourced agency is crucial. One discrepancy or missing one payment isn’t just troublesome, but might even lead to a lawsuit. This is one messy area you don’t want to get caught up in, so leave the HR and payroll to someone else.

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4. Web development professionals

If you really want to up your freelancing game, you’re going to need more than a great LinkedIn profile. You need a website that rich with search engine optimization (SEO) and reaching as many high paying clients as possible. A web developer can handle everything for you, or simply get you set up with mobile readiness and a WordPress platform for a fill in the blank approach. Remember that responsive design and regular site testing is critical for success.

5. Graphic designers

Some bloggers moonlight as great graphic designers, but those are few and far between. Maybe a client is requesting design skills as well as blogging, and you can team up with a fellow professional. Maybe you want a customized logo for your website or marketing swag. Either way, having a great graphic designer in your corner can only bolster your freelance business.

6. Mobile readiness pros

In 2014, mobile readiness officially arrived, but it’s not necessarily the forte of every web developer. It’s a subset of responsive design and includes a mobile version of a website, an app, or maybe both. This isn’t a must for every blogger (yet), but it may be if your business continues to grow. Keep one on deck just in case.
A blogger can’t be successful on their own. However, with the right professionals and tools, you can make it happen.

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