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7 Great Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers

7 Great Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers

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Just like anything else, freelancing is not a one-trick pony, nor does it only have one site for finding and posting jobs. Fiverr is a great freelancing website, but if you are looking for a few Fiverr alternatives, this blog will showcase 7 of my favorites. 

Most freelancing platforms are similar in their structure, business post projects they want help with, and freelancers post their qualifications and apply to those projects. They are not all the same though. Each platform is different, and taking into account what aspects are best for your services or projects will help ultimately decide which option is best for you.

I will review a few key unique points that create differences between these 7 Fiverr alternatives. 


It is free to create a profile on Upwork and begin searching for projects. There are 3 tiers to Upwork’s platform: Talent Marketplace, Project Catalog, and Talent Scout. 

Talent Marketplace is more for freelancers to be the center of attention. This is where they post their qualifications, previous jobs for relevancy, and their interest in future jobs. 

Project Catalog is for businesses to be at the center. This is where they post their projects in an effort to hire a freelancer from the Talent Marketplace. 

Talent Scout is used as a recruiting service to quickly match up freelancers and businesses that would be a good fit based on project needs and qualifications. 


Also free to join, Guru is more heavily used as a tool for businesses to find freelancers, rather than freelancers to find businesses. Companies post their jobs or projects and then search for qualified freelancers to hire. Freelancers are able to give quotes for their services based on project complexity and the time involved. 


Features that make Freelancer stand out are its live chat capabilities and advanced mobile app. By having the ability to chat instantly with a hired freelancer, you can know immediately the process of your project, and give feedback to make sure everything comes out the way you would like it to. Freelancer also has a function to only release payment once the project is to the satisfaction of the business or company that posted it.  


Priding itself on providing the top 3% of freelance candidates, Toptal focuses on larger-scale and high-priced projects. Larger companies, with higher-profile projects, require the best freelance talent in the country, and Toptal has them all in one place. The difference between Toptal and other freelancer platforms is its vetting process. It takes the guessing game out of the equation for businesses looking for a fit for their projects. Freelancers have to pass the live screening process in order to be a part of Toptal’s network. 

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Freelancers have to be approved by Peopleperhour, and can also have fixed prices for companies to purchase their services. It has been a trusted freelancer platform for over a decade due to the safety of payments. Both buyer and freelancer payments are secured in escrow until projects are completed. 


A platform that focuses on all facets of freelancing potential including writing, design, translation, development, and countless stand-alone online jobs. Their goal is to help both businesses and freelancers easily navigate to find a match for their services and projects. They also have lower service fees than many platforms, making freelancers only pay anywhere from 3-10% of their earnings with each project, depending on the size. 


Primarily used for business to decrease their payroll, Outsourcely takes verified professionals from a pool of over 400,000 freelancers that can do a remote job for a much lower price than fully onboarding a new hire within a company. They focus on long-term engagement, rather than one-time projects. Outsourcely also declined to have a service fee for their freelancers, meaning they get 100% of their profits from jobs, though the pay is slightly lower than other platforms due to this. 

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many similarities between freelancer websites. But, there are small differences throughout, along with many Fiverr alternatives. Whether you are a business or freelancer, there is a platform, or two, that you can find a home in for work and services, connecting you to others across the world.

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