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7 Ways To Save Some Money As A Blogger In 2017

7 Ways To Save Some Money As A Blogger In 2017

Starting up a blog is an easy task. However, there are several other factors that should be put into consideration when starting a blog. Some of the primary factors are the targeting the proper demographic, finding the perfect niche and creating quality content. When starting a blog, financial constraint is another factor that should be primarily considered.

Marketing a blog would require a high amount of financial investment to make it successful in the long run. To ease the financial burden, proper saving habits and good moneymaking practices are important for any blogger to ensure success. Here are seven ways bloggers can make and save money in 2017.

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1. Think carefully before buying any product (or anything).

In the real world, it is common for people to buy things on impulse. It is no different when you buy products for your blog. Whether you are looking for products that will help you create content or items to sell, control your spending. To have a proper expenditure plan for 2017, it is important to consider some questions such as; is the product worth buying? Are there alternative products of similar quality but cheaper? How long will you use the product? How will the product benefit your blog or your real life?. These questions no doubt will help a blogger to make proper financial decisions and avoid wasting money on products that are not of importance. Also, it would be advisable for an individual to write down a bucket list of things that should be bought thus avoiding impulse buying. From WordPress themes to items for reviewing, make sure to give it some thought.

2. Combine free items

Sometimes when creating a personal blog, it is a requirement to use the money to buy plugins, themes among other things. If not careful, one can spend a considerable amount of money trying to achieve the best results in the long run. However, one can use the free items that are available over the internet, combine ideas and come up with plugins or themes that function similarly to the paid ones. Through this way, it will be possible for new or experienced bloggers to save up money used to buy such products. Of course, beware, sometimes the free plugins may not function as smoothly or efficiently as the paid one.

3. Take Advantage Of Promotions

It is common for producers to provide high promotion discounts to consumers during holiday periods. The primary reason for giving out discounts is to stimulate a high demand for products and services. This means that when products are lowly priced during holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s and others, a blogger should utilize the chance and buy commodities of importance to their blog or real life. Take into account such holidays and maximize on them. It will help them to save huge amounts of money which can be monitored on platforms such as CMC Markets.

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4. Use Those Coupons

Coupons should always be considered a great opportunity to save money. Why wouldn’t you want to pay less than the listed price? There are two types of coupons that a blogger can utilize to save up money in 2017. The two primary types of coupons are holiday and affiliate coupons. The holiday coupons are specially created for holidays while the affiliate coupons are created for affiliate marketers, such as Amazon.

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5. Contests

Most websites that offer services and products to bloggers create contests designed to attract more readers. This is a way for these sites to gain more traffic and promote their websites. There are several kinds of contests to enter, each with their own reward. Some require an individual to answer a question to win while others require an individual to submit written content. A blogger should strive to take part in such contests as they have the skills and expertise to write. They could win prizes and save the money that they could use to purchase such products.

6. Working With Fellow Bloggers

This is a concept that is highly used by bloggers in a bid to save up money. For instance, if a fellow blogger is an affiliate marketer of a product, you could negotiate with them so that you can buy through their referral link and in turn give you a commission. This is a way that bloggers can use to save up cash on commissions in 2017. All that is required is to establish links with other bloggers and affiliate marketers in the industry make negotiations and make purchases through their referral links. Linking up with other bloggers could also lead to sharing content, which frees up your time and ramps up productivity.

7. Product Reviews

Reviewing the quality of a product online or giving comments offline is a way to let consumers know its value. Bloggers should take the opportunity of reviewing products. This may prompt the producers to give them the products to try them for free. Many bloggers get many products and services for free. There are many reputable sites to get started on reviewing products.

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