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901am Japan Launched

901am Japan Launched

We here at Splashpress Media never tire of innovation. And that comes in various forms, including coming up with new services and activities, having our existing sites evolve into new and exciting web apps, and reaching out to more people. So far, my favorite is the reaching out to more people part.

Realizing that the language barrier is one of the bigger problems in reaching out to a wider audience, we’ve been translating our sites into different languages. One example is Blog Herald Japan. We have other localized versions coming up (very very soon).

English isn’t even the most prevalent language in the blogosphere, as we learn from an April 2007 Technorati report, which says Japanese language blog posts accounts for 37%, higher than 36% for English.

So we’re proud to announce a new addition to our list of localized sites: 901am Japan.

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This is not machine-translated, mind you. We have explored that option before, but we realized there is no substitute for the human factor when it comes to translation. 901am Japan is another collaboration with IOIX, which also does the Blog Herald’s Japanese counterpart.

Congratulations to the 901am team and IOIX for the launch of 901am Japan. I guess a round of sake for everyone is in order! New media news every morning meets the land of the rising sun.

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