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A Blogosphere Year In Review

A Blogosphere Year In Review

For folks immersed in only one part of the blogosphere (such as the tech-side, for me), or for those who have only come late to the party, there is a great summary of the goings-on in the blogosphere over 2006 from a blog on CBS, funnily enough.

It summarizes:

  • some notable personalities who started blogging: such as a cardinal, a president, and a some US politicians
  • the online buzz started by a mediocre film that got mediocre box office receipts (it was no Blair Witch)
  • how class-ist ramblings led to a firestorm in the Singaporean blogosphere
  • why tasers should be used with discretion
  • the phenomena of one girl who was named lonely, but clearly wasn’t.

There’s much more besides, including the Dante’s Inferno that is military blogging, but if you want to get caught up, this post isn’t a bad place to start.

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