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A Nightmare happened while Common Life Goes On.

A Nightmare happened while Common Life Goes On.

I woke up today not unlike any other day; I washed my face, brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes and went out to buy some smokes and soda i.e. caffeinated Pepsi. I shut my apartment door and began walking down the flights of stairs to ground level. On the way down, the building manager smiles while entering the third floor door with a can of paint “ahhh…. She is going OUT into the Brave New World. We bothed laughed. We both work here. I on my computer and as a house lady to my man, not to be confused with house wife, and he as a building manager and house husband to his wife.

About 20 minutes later I open my laptop and ask how my friend Dee is doing. He had come down with a ferocious flew a few days ago. He’s feeling AOK today. Then he sends this link on messenger. Below is our conversation edited to remove times, the word says and to add links.

jessica says – how are you feeling Dee? 
Dee says – Alive and well thanks
jessica – glad to hear that
Dee – are you up for dancing?
jessica – yes, I am
jessica – where is World Beats tonight?
Dee – I hate to make you sad but have you been following the US as of yesterday?
jessica – ah no dude
jessica – what happened?
Dee –
Dee – The US has become a police state
Dee – anyone can go to jail, no questions asked
jessica – oh yeah, I did read that somewhere… about going to jail, but didn’t give it any thought because I won’t be going there :)
jessica – just watching the vid
jessica – jus sec
Dee – The catch is that they can now bring people into the US from other counties much like they do in thier jail in Cuba
jessica – so they can come here again?
Dee – yep
jessica – like with Marc Emery
jessica – canada won’t let them take it’s citizens away… marc is still here
Dee – Not openly anyways
jessica – jesus Dee this is insane (referring to video)
Dee – Mark is smart in keeping the media on him but there have been cases of others disappearing
Dee – yep
Dee – and the public doesn’t even seem to care
jessica – Geese… I’m glad I am a blogger
Dee – The wonders of the Internet
jessica says – I’ve had nightmares about being taken away
jessica – LOL
Dee – I think it’s a common dream
jessica – nice to know I’m not the only one fearing hahahahahahha
jessica – In other news….
jessica – I renewed my domain and hosting
jessica – for one year
Dee – congrats
jessica – thank you
Dee – looks like your here to stay
jessica says – using Eric’s credit card cause they (host and domain) didn’t accept paypal
jessica – doh
Dee – I’m heading down towards your place now to do some foam shopping, can I take you for lunch?
jessica – yeah… come and buzz
jessica – would love to go
Dee – k, see ya in about an hour
jessica – nice… see ya dee
jessica – thx for the vid… just finished watching it. ba bye

I watched the Video Dee sent, and began writing this post. Whatever may happen within governement will happen. I was a housewife before the divorce four years ago, five years, maybe? World Beats is actually called Beast wihtout Bordersis a local monthly gathering of people who appreciate music from all over the world. They bring in performers and musicians from all over. It’s a great place to dance, spin fire or hoola hoop, dependant upon the size of the venue. Marc Emery still resides in Vancouver. Dee is an animator who is avidly persuing claymation. A Clanimator?

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Life goes on. I’m off to eat some late lunch. If you are in the Vancouver area maybe I’ll see you out dancing this evening at Beats without Borders. Cheers! ha ha… and it’s walking distance from where I live.

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