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Aaron Brazell reviews Feedburner

Aaron Brazell reviews Feedburner

b5media’s in-house tech guru Aaron Brazell has written a detailed review of feed service Feedburner over at Technosailor.

He highlights both the pros and cons of the service – and shares some information about how b5media is using Feedburner’s APIs to do some unique things:

Over the past few months, we’€™ve gotten pretty efficient at pushing Feedburner’€™s limits. For instance, we like that we can use the Feedburner API to ‘€œburn’€? new feeds directly from our automated blog installer.

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I’ve enjoyed using Feedburner across our own network – their stats are first rate – and their advertising network has done a really nice job of bringing in a wide range of advertisers to our sites. They’re well worth a try if you are not using them.

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