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ABC covers Blogs on The World Today

ABC covers Blogs on The World Today

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is running a two part series on blogs as part of the World Today Radio program, broadcast nationally accross Australia at 12:10pm (11:10am on ABC Country WA) with Washington Correspondent Leigh Sales.

Transcript here, links to Real Audio and Windows Media Audio files available from the site.

A positive story for the Australian press, who has pretty much ignored blogs until now, accept when running the occasional AP or Reuters Wire piece.

In it, she interviews Dan Drezner, political science professor at the University of Chicago and Shayne McQuade, Australian inventor of the Solar Backpack, on the power of Gizmodo.

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She does however make one big mistake, giving the number of blogs as between 2.4 and 4.1 million, when even today, PubSub announced they were tracking over 8 million and we think there is closer to 34.5 million blogs in the blogosphere.

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