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Add Photo Captions and Credits With Picbite

Add Photo Captions and Credits With Picbite

I honestly believe that one of the reasons many bloggers do not properly attribute the photos they use is sheer laziness. Thanks to the gang at Picbite, it’s now a snap to add short text to your photos, without making massive alterations.

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a simple statement is necessary to clarify how the image pertains to the text.

With Picbite you have the option to upload a photo or provide an image URL. Once uploaded, your image will appear with an empty speech bubble. Just double click and add your text. The bubble can be placed anywhere within the image.

Once complete, you can either choose to have Picbite host the photo (not recommended) or download it back your local hard drive.

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As you can see with the sample below, “Picbite” gets a mention on each photo. It would be nice to see more options as far as color and style of the speech bubble.


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