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Adium releases version 1.3 of its unified instant messaging tool, adds social media tools

Adium releases version 1.3 of its unified instant messaging tool, adds social media tools

Adium, a highly popular unified messaging tool for Mac OS X, has released version 1.3 – a major upgrade:

I’m happy to announce Adium 1.3, a major release seven months in the making. This release improves almost every aspect of Adium, ranging from performance and memory to Facebook chat support, and from user interface polish to much improved MSN support with personal messages (finally!). A brand new, gorgeous Contact Inspector brings together all a contact’s information in one place – coalescing combined contacts’ information and accessing your Apple Address Book to give you at-a-glance information, and intuitive live searching in the Standard Contact List makes it a snap to find your friends.

As a long time Adium user, the upgrade is a welcome addition full of bug fixes and new features that have been requested for some time…

Marshall Kilpatrick over at ReadWriteWeb likes the new version – particularly the new Facebook chat integration:

We’re not sure how likely to use Facebook chat we are, but we know that a lot of people do use it. We’ll now be reachable that way too. By telling Adium to connect to social networking status messages, we’re also now seeing peoples’ Facebook status in Growl notification. That’s pretty nice. Not something we’d want for Twitter, but for the less frequently updated Facebook messages that makes sense.

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Effective interoperability with Facebook IM makes us think we should take our friend accepting a little more seriously there. Unfortunately, one known issue is that Facebook doesn’t want to keep you logged in when you’re also logged in via Adium. We hope that can be solved quickly.

With the integration of the new Facebook chat features, I would expect to see other social media tools integrated into Adium as time goes on…

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