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Advice on growing a blog

Advice on growing a blog

Over at Coyote Blog, Warren Meyer dispenses some valuable advice on growing a blog:

I have tried a bit of everything to grow my blog: participating in carnivals, signing up for contests, spamming Glenn Reynolds for attention (sorry Glenn). Here is the lesson I have learned: You have just got to write a lot. Other bloggers will notice you and start linking back to you when you write about them.

Amen, Brother.

Our best months at The Blog Herald have been when we’re clicking on all eight cylinders and everyone is posting frequently. Traffic goes up, pageviews go up, ad revenues go up, and so on. Great content helps as well – and so does strong viral content like Ben’s post last month about CSS Tips & Tricks.

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But you gotta write.. just like in podcasting where the most importance advice I can give someone is to hit Record, the most important advice I can give to a blog is Post, and Post Frequently.

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