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Ailing MySpace adds Twitter update functionality

Ailing MySpace adds Twitter update functionality

Not long after Facebook added Twitteresque @s to its service, MySpace is offering its users the ability to send real time messages to both MySpace and Twitter, at least for its US members.

“Our new sync functionality is part of an ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their status beyond MySpace,” a senior product manager at MySpace said.

Just to add to the excitement, updating a Twitter feed can also automatically update a user’s MySpace status.

Statistics from the UK last month suggest that Twitter outranked MySpace in raw visits, though that doesn’t tell the whole story as the two sites are very different in purpose and scope.

Nevertheless, News Corp are likely to want to push the popularity of MySpace in any way it can, though I don’t think Twitter status updates are going to help much.

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Perhaps not “getting” the 140 character limitation on Twitter messages, each tweet received via MySpace will be identified as “from MySpace”, consuming at least 12 precious characters.


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