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Alecks P. Pabico – Journalist, Blogger

Alecks P. Pabico – Journalist, Blogger

The Philippine blogosphere mourns the loss of Alecks Pabico, who was considered as a pioneering journalist and blogger in the country. Alecks passed away last Wednesday, October 7, 2009, due to complications from a serious illness.

To many, he was the kind and gentle–and sometimes singular–journalist who always had an eye out for truth. I say singular, because you can usually notice him from afar. He always wore ethnic-inspired clothing, and had Bob Marley-esque hairdo, which sets him apart from the crowd. In fact, that was how I discovered he had passed away. I saw his picture framed by his wake at the Parish mortuary just recently after I attended mass. I was surprised to learn that a fellow blogger (and a prominent one in our sphere, at that) had passed on.

I first met Alecks when I was working as a government economist, and he was doing research for feature stories (or were those exposés?) for the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. We then became colleagues in the local blogging scene, sometimes sharing the spotlight as speakers in blogging summits and events. Through the years, we rarely met, but whenever we did, I surely recall that those were very interesting moments.

Alecks was often cited as a resource for striking a balance between blogging and journalism. After all, he is primarily a journalist, with years and years of experience with investigative journalism, starting from his University days. He then moved on to be a part of the PCIJ, which was known for its fearless fact-finding and reportage, especially in a country with a record of journalism-related violence. Alecks is a big supporter of the use of technology and multimedia in journalism. He was largely responsible for bringing the PCIJ online, particularly the PCIJ blog, which had risen to its peaks during periods of high profile political scandals in the Philippines.

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But apart from the serious professional Alecks is known to be, some would perhaps know him best for his lighter takes on life. His humor is subtle, but profound. I guess I can strongly relate to him in that regard.

And so, here’s a tribute to Alecks Pabico, from the Blog Herald team–some of whom know him personally and have worked with him in various capacities. Thanks for all the good times, Alecks! You have fought the good fight, and now it’s perhaps time to rest and let your fellow bloggers and journalists carry the torch in bringing out the truth, and possibly even being part in the making of those truths.

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