Amazon Can Now Stream Music To iOS Devices

Two months after its release, Amazon slipped in a small update to its cloud based music player adding adds iOS compatibility. The update allows users visiting the player from their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to stream music through Safari. However, it’s not without bugs.

Accessing Amazon’s cloud player through an iOS device required the use of a third-party browser but recently gained native Safari support. However, there are some interface issues that you need to be aware of:

Amazon has since updated the web client to work with iOS devices. While it isn’t quite as nice as an actual app, it provides nearly all of the functionality that you could ask for. Even the multitasking music controls work flawlessly. Sound quality is said to be “great,” and the only part of it that is a little buggy seems to be the scrubbing capability.

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Unfortunately you can’t upload music directly from iOS which is a limit of the mobile OS and Safari rather than Amazon’s fault. While Amazon has enabled expanded iOS support for its cloud-based music player, the interface is meant to be viewed on a laptop or desktop. Accessing the player on your iPhone will require some panning and zooming while the iPad may provide a more comfortable view.

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