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An interesting look at the internet’s top blogs

An interesting look at the internet’s top blogs

SEOMoz has a pretty fascinating in-depth look at the top blogs in the blogosphere – and does so by looking at some pretty creative data slices.

Here’s how he started:

Last Friday, (August 15th, 2008) I took a snapshot of the Internet’s top blogs. This freeze frame identifies the blogs that have developed the skills necessary to compete. Unlike traditional top blog lists, I did not seek to place blogs in order of perceived importance. Instead, I combined public lists of top blogs ordered by the amount of inlinks (Technorati), amount of community subscriptions (Bloglines), ability to start and follow trends (BlogPulse) and the ability to thrive in foreign markets (Wikio). I then weighed each individual blog against its all encompassing internet performance using SEOmoz’s Trifecta Tool. The result is a list of blogs that have proven to be powerful in all aspects of Internet success.

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You’ll have to take a look at the post to see the results as most of the data is in graphs… but it’s certainly a different way to rank and look at the characteristics of the top blogs.

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