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Any question? Go to Jabbits

Any question? Go to Jabbits

Jabbits Inc., the Denver-based innovator of webcam consumer research, has launched a new video question and answer tool that is likely to revolutionize video communications for both personal and business purposes, and bridge an existing gap between two major online services.

The new tool allows members of the Jabbits community to upload video of questions to which they are seeking answers, from webcams, mobile phones or camcorders. The free service allows other users to view those questions and upload answers, or ask questions of their own.

Jabbits users have the option to record a Public Question, posted to the entire community, or record a Private Question where answers are solicited in a private, invitation-only environment. Jabbits has been designed to bridge two fast-growing online categories – engaging video sites and interactive Q&A sites – and represents the first truly-integrated service of its kind.

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Any question? Post it at Jabbits instead.

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