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AOL launches BloggingBuyouts to complement BloggingStocks

AOL launches BloggingBuyouts to complement BloggingStocks

AOL announced the launch of BloggingBuyouts, a blog that covers private equity firms, the deals they make and its impact on public markets. The new blog is a complement to AOL Money & Finance’s BloggingStocks which was launched in April 2006.

“Few web sites provide in-depth coverage of private equity, and we wanted to create a venue focused entirely on this industry that combines a deep and dynamic database of private equity firms with an opinionated and thought-provoking take on buyout news,” said Marty Moe, Senior Vice President, AOL Money & Finance. “With the success of BloggingStocks, we know that people want the kind of in-depth coverage our bloggers can provide, so providing that same level of coverage to the private equity world was a natural addition.”

Tom Taulli author and contributor to BloggingStocks, leads the new site, which also features notable bloggers and influencers such as Peter Cohan, Steven Halpern and Georges Yared.

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