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AOL Launches New Blog Sub-Network

AOL Launches New Blog Sub-Network

AOL Tech is the new sub-network brand among the numerous AOL blogs, with Engadget and its sister blogs in the middle. This new branding is accompanied by a redesign, although it doesn’t appear to be rolled out on all relevant blogs yet. Engadget’s got it though, and this is what Ryan Block’s got to say about it:

Our latest addition, Switched will be dishing out features for those with a more casual interest in tech, as well as highlighting fresh, hand-picked tech news from our network of sister sites. So expect to see hot stories from Engadget classic, Mobile, HD, TUAW, and Download Squad running over there, as well as news from other geeky Weblogs, Inc. sites like Joystiq, Xbox 360 Fanboy, and Wii Fanboy.

Switched is basically a portal of easy access stories, it would seem. The AOL Tech logo even links to it Switched instead of AOL, as is common with the AOL Games brand for instance, as TechCrunch points out.

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