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AOL launches, a different kind of political website (they say)

AOL launches, a different kind of political website (they say)

AOL is bringing in top-tier political writers to provide in-depth and informed reporting, analysis and opinion of the US political landscape with the launch of The site is led by former New York Times Washington correspondent Melinda Henneberger, who serves as Editor in Chief. dubs itself as different from other political sites by way of focusing on original reporting, regular fact checking of stories, and long-lead reporting and writing in a one-stop-shop for political arguments across the spectrum (the others out there are not fact-checking your stories?).

In addition to Henneberger, PoliticsDaily features:

  • Walter Shapiro, former columnist for USA Today and former Washington bureau chief for Salon;
  • Jill Lawrence, former national political correspondent for USA Today and columnist for the Associated Press;
  • Carl Cannon, previously Washington bureau chief for Reader’s Digest and White House correspondent for the National Journal and the Baltimore Sun;
  • Lynn Sweet, blogger and Washington Bureau Chief of the Chicago Sun-Times, as well as a regular guest on MSNBC, CNN and FOX;
  • Patricia Murphy, founder of Citizen Jane Politics, a non-partisan website for women.
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