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AOL/HuffPost: We Want Real Staffers Not Bloggers

AOL/HuffPost: We Want Real Staffers Not Bloggers

AOL’s acquisition of Huffington Post hasn’t been without consequence. 30 AOL owned brands have been squandered, 900+ laid off and others axed in favor of journalists.

The $315 Million acquisition of Huffington Post is part of a new path for AOL. In the past few months, Tim Armstrong released an internal company document detailing the new content direction AOL would be taking. The document came under fire for exploiting popular trends and churning out knee-jerk Blog posts in favor of increased traffic and revenue.

Huffington Post, which is powering AOL’s new content revamp has folded or absorbed 30 AOL brands. In the aftermath, 900+ AOL employees have been laid off and more face the axe. Freelancers employed by AOL are left wondering what their fate in the new company is.

In a company call by HuffPo’s newest Editor, Peter Goodman, a call for professional journalists was made. Those who weren’t Bloggers and could be considered Journalists but worked as freelancers were invited to join the HuffPo Media Group for full-time work.

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Goodman also stressed the company isn’t looking for freelancers and Bloggers but focusing on journalists. Whether AOL’s current Blogs such as TUAW, Engadget and other online properties will receive a journalistic makeover remains to be seen. Goodman is taking action now by hiring journalists form major publications such as John Montorio from the New York Times.

In addition to AOL’s staff and content refresh, the company is consolidating its office with new hires. AOL’s New York, LA and Dulles offices will be seeing more journalists and taking on a newsroom atmosphere.

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