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Apple Gazette Lets You Create Your Own Apple Rumor

Apple Gazette Lets You Create Your Own Apple Rumor

I love Apple rumors. I especially had a great time writing for that great site known as the Apple Gazette (ah, the good ol’ days). True enough, while I had my share of legitimate reviews and Diggable articles, I must admit that rumors are the bread and butter of Apple bloggers. But then sometimes you just run out of rumors to blog about.

Fret not. The Apple Gazette has released its ultimate weapon that will make trigger-happy Apple lawyers scream in anguish: the Create Your Apple Rumor Chart.

We have decided to share our ultimate weapon – the ‘Create your own Apple Rumor’ Chart.

You too can be an “inside source” with this amazing new handy dandy Apple Rumor creation tool.

You can use the chart to create top notch and completely trust worthy rumors…and if you’re too lazy to put the thing together yourself, you can simply click a link at the bottom of the page to generate your own brand-spankin’ new Apple Rumor.

It should be fun to print this out and mix-and-match. Hey, isn’t this how they write presidential speeches these days?

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If you’re too lazy creating your own rumor using the chart, you can always click the automatic rumor generator link. Who knows, one of your Apple insiders might just advise you to expect a 8 Core Macbook in the Second Quarter 2007. Or perhaps an operative deep inside Apple will give you an exclusive news about a Redesigned Mac Pro no later than Fourth Quarter 2007.

The Blog Herald should have one of these create-your-own charts for social media and blogging rumors.

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