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Apple iPhone 5 ‘Assistant’ Provides Revolutionary Voice Command System [Rumor]

Apple iPhone 5 ‘Assistant’ Provides Revolutionary Voice Command System [Rumor]

iPhone 5 LogoDuring an Apple conference on October 4 the iPhone 5 is expected to be announced and with that announcement a new ‘Assistant’ feature is expected to arrive, a feature that would double the devices RAM to 1GB.

According to reports Assistant is the next evolution of the Apple’s voice control system.

Rumors say Assistant is a new way to interact with your iPhone based solely off voice commands, for example a user might say “make appointment at 9am with Dentist” at which point the iPhone 5 will create that appointment in the user’s calendar.

Another example from WebProNews uses location based reminders alongside assistant for example a user might say:

“Remind me to buy milk when I arrive at the market.”

Once the iPhone 5 user arrives at a store that sells milk the reminder will be shown using location based services.

The Assistant feature is also expected to offer GPS directions based off voice commands, power your text messaging and read text messages back to users and even ask questions about what you want so it can provide proper assistance. For example you might say “Email John Doe” and the phone would ask you which one of their email addresses to use if multiple addresses are found.

According to early reports the new feature is so accurate that users don’t even have to speak clearly or in a robotic voice which could make the iPhone 5 a truly revolutionary smartphone.

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The best part about the new feature is that it’s not tied to a specific carrier which means the iPhone 5 Australia version of the phone will be able to take advantage of the feature just as users in the United States, Europe and other countries can. Since the feature is also reportedly baked into the iOS 5 operating system it also means a data connection to access the program across the web won’t be required for basic functions such as setting appointments or reminders.

Do you think the iPhone5 Assistant feature will give the smartphone a leg up on the competition if it’s really included with Apple’s next-generation device?


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