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Apple Launches Non-Blog Blog

Apple Launches Non-Blog Blog

Apple have had a lot of issues with the follow-up to .Mac, called MobileMe. The worst would be that 1% of its users didn’t have functional mail, something I’d say is quite an issue, given the fact that e-mail is the key to the whole thing. This has, of course sparked a lot of questions and such for users, without anywhere to turn.

Until now. A bloggish news page called MobileMe Status is keeping track of what is going on with the service.

Steve Jobs has asked me to write a posting every other day or so to let everyone know what’s happening with MobileMe, and I’m working directly with the MobileMe group to ensure that we keep you really up to date. In the 14 days since we launched, it’s been a rocky road and we know the pain some people have been suffering. Be assured people here are working 24-7 to improve matters, and we’re going to favor getting you new info hot off the presses even if we have to post corrections or further updates later.

No comments section or anything, but still! I hope this is a step towards the new information age for Apple, because they suck at keeping in touch with their users. Why isn’t there an official Apple blog? Why would there be? Well, this is a good explanation:

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For example, when I was waiting to download the iPhone 2.0 software upgrade legitimately, I really wanted to know why it was not available in the iTunes Store even though the website and iTunes said that it was available. A quick note on a blog like this would have calmed me down. That was not nearly as big a deal as the rest of the problems that day, but I think Apple could have saved some of its good name by communicating earlier.

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