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Apple restricts press from live blogging shareholders meeting

Apple restricts press from live blogging shareholders meeting

In an age of blogging and tweeting, it’s hard to keep a secret.

Though Apple made it quite clear that its latest shareholders meeting was not to be live-blogged, it didn’t stop a couple of shareholders pushing out updates.

According to CNBC, Apple refused to allow journalists to carry in communications devices, thus making live reaction impossible. However, it did manage to run a live-blog of sorts based on the pings of “Cheddarmuff” and “idannyb”.

It’s just another example of how difficult it is for companies (even such a secretive one as Apple) to keep a lid on things in the age of near-ubiquitous instant mobile communication. In fact, banning such activities is only likely to increase the determination to break the rules.

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Even when the press adheres to non-disclosure agreements and gagging orders, it doesn’t mean members of the public will. It’s a tricky situation for any company disseminating confidential information or trying to control the way that news and events are covered. I can’t see it getting any easier either.

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