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Apple TV shipment starts now

Apple TV shipment starts now

Apple is now shipping Apple TV, an easy to use and fun way to wirelessly play all your favorite iTunes content on to your widescreen TV, including movies, TV shows, music, photos and podcasts.

With Apple TV’s interface, anyone can quickly browse and view their entire collection of digital media from across the room using the simple and intuitive Apple Remote. Apple TV easily connects to almost all modern widescreen televisions.

“Apple TV is like a DVD player for the Internet age-providing an easy and fun way to play all your favorite iTunes content from your PC or Mac on your widescreen TV,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Apple TV allows you to wirelessly play your content from your PCs or Macs using your existing WiFi network as well as the newest and fastest version of WiFi-802.11n.”

The seamless integration of Apple TV and iTunes lets users choose from over 400 movies and 350 TV shows in near DVD quality; over four million songs; 5,000 music videos; 100,000 podcasts; and 20,000 audiobooks from the iTunes Store.

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Enticing, true. But the next question, just like the gizmos that came out in the not so distant past is looking for supply. Start lining up now or better yet, wait until excitement dies down.

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