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Around the World in 365 Days with Coke and 3 Lucky “Bloggers”

Around the World in 365 Days with Coke and 3 Lucky “Bloggers”

Coca-Cola is engaging into a huge marketing campaign for its “Open Happiness” product branding. Dubbed Expedition 206, this campaign will send 3 bloggers on a trip around the world in 365 days for free. In exchange, these lucky 3 bloggers will use various social media tools such as blogs, Twitter, and YouTube videos to share their experiences and interaction with locals. For what purpose? To find out what makes people around the world happy.

Anyway, in case you were paying attention to the title of this post, you must be wondering why I put bloggers in quotation. That was obviously intentional since I’m kind of wondering whether the finalists are really bloggers. I really don’t know how the finalists were chosen or who selected them or whether an online audition was held.

I checked the profile of the finalists to find their individual blogs but the gig’s official site did not mention any of them. But the title of the official PR for this gig reads “Coca Cola to send 3 bloggers…” So the least that Coca Cola should have done is to include the finalists’ blogging

What’s good about this gig though, granting that the finalists and the final winners are really bloggers is that big name brands are really starting to recognize the influence of social media. Although this is not the first time that a huge marketing campaign utilized social media, as far as I can recall, this could be the first time that a major brand has done this huge gig. It only goes to show that social media including blogs has really come of age.

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But then again, it would have been better if we here at BH were given the chance to join the contest. I would have gladly teamed up with Thord and Andy M.

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