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Attract Tech Talent To Your Small Business With This Expert Advice

Attract Tech Talent To Your Small Business With This Expert Advice

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Hiring a great staff can be a daunting task for any small business owner, but attracting a reliable talent pool is key to your business’ success. That is especially true when it comes to hiring tech support.

Tech is an extremely competitive industry and it might seem like the right person will never walk through the door. However, it’s time to stop stressing over interviews and resumes. The Telegraph talked to some business experts on how small businesses can attract some truly talented tech staff.

Gareth Boughtwood, a front-end developer at TheStagCompany explains that a perfectly written job description is one of the most important aspects for attracting the right candidate.

“It’s easy to alienate tech professionals with a job specification that misuses language,” he explains.

Research the position and know what the job really entails. Make sure your description does not just rattle off responsibilities. Discuss the types of technology the person should be knowledgable in and what kind of team they will be working for.

Another important thing to master is your company’s culture. Potential employees want a place that will allow them to be creative and flex their muscle. Create the type of culture that fosters your employee’s professional growth.

Josh Hart, a developer at cloud-based software provider, Epos Now agrees that innovation is key to attracting top tech talent.

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“Whether or not technology is the focus, forward-thinking businesses are often prepared to take risks on new systems and provide the most freedom for budding developers to try out new ideas,” he says.

Above all, your employees should feel valued. There should be a great flow of communication between employees and managers. Remember, your employees talk. If they are happy or unhappy, potential employees will find out. Word of mouth could be the difference between attracting the right candidate and the wrong.

You can read more of this expert advice to attract tech talent to your business here.

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