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b5 launches business channel, and buys Ben

b5 launches business channel, and buys Ben

So you where wondering what b5media were going to do with their cash? Well, besides freshening up their site and all, they bought (well, for 6 months at least) Ben Bleikamp. Yes, the same Ben Bleikamp that did their current network page redesign. My guess is he’€™ll have lots and lots to do with the network in the future, probably for the better of it. By the way, Ben’€™s redesigning his own site.

However, the good folks over at b5 don’€™t stop there. They announced the launch of a new business channel, including the absolutely excellent site Copyblogger, who just joined the network. This is a really good move from b5, Copyblogger is an asset worth protecting so I hope all turns out for the best for Brian.

So what’€™s next? Well, from the looks of it we’€™ll get prettier b5 sites with really clever and effective headlines, right?

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