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b5media launches Spekked

b5media launches Spekked

b5media, Inc. today announced the launch of a new entertainment news gateway Spekked, a destination for a wide variety of television and film content. Spekked is a destination for the latest information about television shows, from 24 to VH1, and other entertainment and movie news. Spekked consolidates the content from dozens of individual communities from b5media’s Entertainment Channel into one easy-to-navigate destination.

Maintaining Spekked are veteran b5media entertainment editors Arieanna Schweber and Leora Zellman. Arieanna notes that “Spekked blog communities are already some of the top destinations on the web for TV and entertainment enthusiasts. Spekked makes it quick and easy to discover what’s going on across all our sites.” Spekked will feature current news, spoilers, and analysis from Spekked writers, and will be a gateway to further participate in the communities surrounding each show.

“Spekked is a fantastic look into b5media’s amazing Entertainment blogs, featuring the best content from across the network, showcasing daily blogs and bloggers and bringing together great content from around the web for the benefit of our readers,” Jeremy Wright CEO of b5media, said.

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