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Beauty Blogger Dies In Freak Accident While On Vacation

Beauty Blogger Dies In Freak Accident While On Vacation

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It was news that shocked the blogging world. Indonesian beauty blogger Rini Cesillia was killed in a freak accident while on a paradise getaway.

The 26 year old was found dead in her Bali hotel room. Authorities says she was apparently electrocuted by her room’s malfunctioning shower. Her body was found by her friends. They explained to authorities that she was still clutching the shower hose and had burn marks across her chest. While to many this may seem like a freak accident, authorities explain this isn’t the first time it has happened.

“We suspect Cesillia died from electric shock. We are waiting for the postmortem examination to ascertain whether the cause of death was electrocution or not,” Bali police inspector Bangkit Dananjaya told the Sun. “Along with electric power becoming an essential part of industry and social environment, death due to electrical injury emerged as a considerable public health problem. And yet, it is still an uncommon cause of death.”

Cesillia’s death came as a shock to the beauty and blogging communities. With more than 13,000 followers on social media and thousands of YouTube views, the beauty blogger was known for her helpful advice and tutorials on all things beauty.

Many of Cesillia’s fans left messages of sorrow on her various social media channels, such as this one:

“Been reading your blog since long time ago and it always enlightening me. RIP one of my make up guru. May you safe in heaven,”

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Others that didn’t know of Cesillia’s work still found her a death saddening.

“Just found out, [a] beauty blogger in Indonesia has passed away. Time is short! No-one can predict it.”

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