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Become a Blogger course reopens for five days only

Become a Blogger course reopens for five days only

Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick’s premium “Become a Blogger” course has reopened to new signups for five days only (less at time of writing).

When the course launched, it was selling at $77 per month and sold out very quickly.

Now the monthly price has been reduced to $47 per month, which you pay for the six months course duration.

That’s still beyond the reach of many new bloggers, at whom this course is aimed. As with many of these courses, it comes down to the amount of time and money you have to invest in your blogging. It is possible to find a lot of free resources online (Blogging Pro, Tubetorial, Pro-Blogging and Performancing to name just four of ours) but there’s no doubt that you can benefit from the wisdom of successful probloggers like Yaro and Gideon if you’re willing to invest not only the cash but the time.

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Course registration closes at on 11:59pm (EST) on Friday 3rd July.

(By the way, the above course link is not an affiliate link.)

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