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The Blogging Evolution: From Hobby To Marketing Tool

The Blogging Evolution: From Hobby To Marketing Tool

When the blog was introduced in the mid-90’s, people thought of them as online journals. Everyone made a blog about whatever interested them and the only followers they would have is people that cared about their personal lives. However, in today’s time all of that has changed. Somewhere along the line, blogs evolved into one of the most influential marketing tools on the web. So, how did this blogging evolution happen?

Bloggers began putting more effort to approach potential readers. They began thinking of blogging as a job instead of a hobby. In fact, many of the most popular bloggers were once just using the platform as a hobby.


“We are an eight-member team at and have five or more posts every day. Our web traffic is around one million page views a month,” shares Raju PP with, who counts himself among the first bloggers in the country to have started blogging as a profession. He once started as a hobbyist, as well.

Now even brands and companies are realizing the importance of using blogs to reach customers. While most popular bloggers are approached by companies to promote their product or brand, other companies completely skip on the middle man.

“You talk to the most focussed audience for your brand,” says brand expert, Harish Bijoor. “In term of return on investments, it works wonderfully as well. Blogs are nano-niche today . For brands that can’t afford to advertise on mass media, this delivers bang for the marketing buck.”


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Of course, not every blog is successful. While several people are creating content, the majority of it is just not up to par.

“Brands are conscious to engage with the right influencer. Today , many are blogging but not all of them have the right domain expertise,” adds Bijoor.

Blogging has changed the way we think and share. With the prevalence of social media, every decision we make seems to be influenced by the Instagram shot or tweet. The blogging phenomenon has evolved throughout the years and will continue to change over time.

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