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Blog Network b5media seeks VC Funding

Blog Network b5media seeks VC Funding

Blog Network Watch highlights a post by b5media President Jeremy Wright where he reveals that b5media will soon seek VC funding.

Syntagma Media muses on what it all means for b5media:

Of course, if that was the exit strategy from the beginning it doesn’€™t matter except that maybe 40 percent of the sale value is lost to the VCs, who will expect a 40 percent annual return on capital invested. With both income and final payout so massively cut, and with so many people to be paid, one senses that a sheet of rice paper has just moved in between b5’€™s potential and the exuberant expectations of its founders.

Venture Blog alarm:clock comments on b5’s ability to raise funding:

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It will be interesting to see if B5 succeeds in its endeavor to raise funding. Rival Creative Weblogging was able to raise funding so we suspect B5 has a shot. The blog network has managed to launch a large number of blogs that cover tech, entertainment, sports and more. None of the blogs is a break-out leader like Weblogs Inc. had with Engadget.

Funding brings with it both flexibility, short-term stability, and the prospect for long-term success. It provides the short-term stability needed to build up infrastructure, bring on full-time staff, and deal with the varied expenses involved in growing a business. We wish b5media luck in their endeavor!

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