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Blog Networks Are Just Spam Blogs

Blog Networks Are Just Spam Blogs

Not that I believe that, but some guy who thinks he knows all about it is making that claim over no the b5media blog (yes its an older and worn out topic).

Surely the benefits of a blog network must be those who own the central blog.

They build the influence and search engine ranking that they can use to promote ‘€œfree cell phones’€?, miraculous slimming products and what have you.

Hmmm. Let’s pull this load of crap apart.

The Blog Herald – this blog – is a member of BlogMedia. BlogMedia makes profits on its sites. But would you call what we write here as spam? I think not. In fact, I don’t believe that BlogMedia is actively selling anything to its readers. In fact, surfing through BlogMedia’s blog roster, I see some very good quality sites that provide very reasonable, professional and in some cases, entertaining content. Hardly what would be called spam.

I, in fact, have close ties to b5media and with over 130 active blogs, I don’t quite see where we generate spam. To be sure, some entries are not of as high quality as others. But I’d say the majority of content is quite good. Google likes us! Most every blog is a PageRank 6 – which would not be possible if we were seen as a bunch of splogs.

Jeremy Wright makes a notable response to this commenter:

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Effectively you could say that we have one thing in common with spammers (ie: making money) but dozens of things *not* in common with them. So when you get right down to it we’€™re more different than we are the same. And we have more in common with mainstream media outlets like magazines than we do with spammers.

Bingo! I fail to see making money as spam. More like some people have some sour grapes.

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