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Blog takes center stage in Canadian elections

Blog takes center stage in Canadian elections

As reported yesterday, a Canadian Liberal Party executive was forced to resign after slagging off a number of opposition candidate, however the blog has taken center stage in the Canadian election with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper being asked to comment on the scandal.

According to, during a campaign stop Tuesday on Vancouver Island, Harper said he hadn’t seen the blog but his wife filled him in.

He said the remarks show the Liberal party has a lot to answer for in the Jan. 23 federal election, beginning with Justice John Gomery’s report on the misuse of advertising dollars.

“The Liberal party is coming into this election with a corruption report from a judge.

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“I don’t think it helps itself by running a campaign of personal attack and slur, which is what it has been doing – comparing political opponents to animals. . . . I think this has gotten a bit out of hand.”

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