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Blog tips for when you’ve been away

Blog tips for when you’ve been away

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So you’ve been away for a couple of days or a week or two, and you’ve not posted much (if at all) and your emails remain unread! So here are my crisis management tips for when you’ve been away from blogging.

1. Email
5 million email messages? Panic. Run around the house waving your arms in the air shouting “Viagra is now only 99c if I’d read my email earlier” to all that can hear you. Once you get back you need to do the following:
a: Respond to urgent emails with a note that said that because you make so much money from blogging you went to Tahiti for a couple of days and now that you are back you’ve decided that you are important enough to respond to their email
b: less urgent emails: send them an email saying: “thanks for your email, I’m getting to it”…then never get to it
c: the rest: don’t respond, unless of course you are now so bored that you are back at home and write “thank you for your spam email, please stop sending me spam unless the blonde chick in the attachment is more good looking”. It’s sure to make for interesting conversation later on :-)

2. Blog Comments
Spam, spam and all spam….well that’s the way it seems when you check the comments section of your blog. Delete them all, and pray that no one notices.

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3. Urgent Issues
There is always a big story you’ve missed, no matter what you’ve blogged about. Your readers are going to notice that you’ve missed it, so there’s only one way to deal with this issue: write eventually that you did actually notice this, and that you were too cool to post it, that everyone else posted it, and that you weren’t all that excited by it anyway.

4. RSS feeds

So you’ve gotten back and your RSS feed reader has thousands of unread posts? grab a drink or ten and get stuck into them. For your own amusement gloss over feeds from people who you’ve always wanted to diss, or who think they are sooooo much better than you, like Scripting News and Scobilizer :-)

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