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Blogger arrested for Murder in Oklahoma

Blogger arrested for Murder in Oklahoma

Kevin Underwood

Kevin Ray Underwood, who apparantly blogs at Google’s Blogspot / Blogge service, was arrested and charged on Friday with the murder of his ten year old neighbor.

In his blog, Underwood wrote some worrisome entries, such as this one from 2004:

The first blog makes me want to kill people. Speaking of killing people…
Yesterday I was really depressed the entire day. I was so depressed yesterday, it was one off those times where I’m so depressed that my chest hurts. I wonder if that happens to anybody else? When I get really depressed that happens to me. Like usual, the main thing I’ve been getting depressed about lately is my lack of a sex life.

I mean it, I really need a girlfriend. It’s not just depressing anymore, it’s actually starting to have a negative effect on my mental state I think. For example, my fantasies are just getting weirder and weirder. Dangerously weird. If people knew the kinds of things I think about anymore, I’d probably be locked away. No probably about it, I know I would be.

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Underwood is being held in Purcell, Oklahoma and will face a judge on Monday morning for the first time.

There’s some great in-depth coverage over at Look Who’s Talking Now.

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