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Blogger Beware: Big Brother Is (Always) Watching

Blogger Beware: Big Brother Is (Always) Watching

A new survey has turned up the following bone-chilling statistic: More than 40% of large companies read employee e-mails and are hunting for you on the major social networks.

Worried that you’re going to share corporate secrets (everyone already knows what happened under the stairwell last June!), big wigs are cracking down. And they have every right.

Responsible for the majority of these ‘leaks’ are blogs, message boards, social networking sites, peer-to-peer file-sharing services and multimedia sharing sites.

If you’re not aware of your company’s electronic snooping policy, now is great time to ask for it. I say you guys gather around the water cooler and let the short straw make the request.

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Remember that everything you do on your work computer is probably tracked. Even if it might not be, tell yourself it is. Better safe than sorry.

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