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Blogger Urges Readers To Join In On Strange #FaceFullOfFoodChallenge

Blogger Urges Readers To Join In On Strange #FaceFullOfFoodChallenge


It seems as if everyday brings new Internet challenge trend, but this beauty blogger’s #FaceFullOfFoodChallenge is extremely bizarre… and intriguing.

We’ve heard of using mayonnaise as hair moisturizer and coffee grounds as an exfoliating scrub, but beauty blogger Raychel Newton is taking edible beauty to an entirely new level. Her Thanksiving-themed video would appear to be a tongue in cheek nod to the edible beauy trend, but many took her challenge to heart.

In the video, Newton is shown using a number of food items in lieu of cosmetics. Self reports that “Newton started out using cocoa powder to fill in her brows. Then, she pulled out the tub of butter. That’s when we knew it was about to get real creative. She used the condiment typically reserved for dinner rolls as a highlighter and eyebrow wax. Her organic makeup stash/grocery list also included honey as an eyeshadow primer, coffee grounds and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese powder as eyeshadow, a Snickers bar as a contouring stick, and a beet as lipstick.”

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While the footage seems comical, Newton challenged her thousands of Instagram followers to try their hand at the #FaceFullOfFoodChallenge.

Obviously, Newton meant for the challene to be a funny bit. However, she points out that not all of her food hacks were jokes. Flour can make a great pressed powder when you find yourself in a bind.

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