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BloggerCon coverage from 18912.89km or closer

BloggerCon coverage from 18912.89km or closer

Its BloggerCon day (or night here) and even though you may be 18912.89km (11751 miles) away like The Blog Herald or even closer, you to can listen and watch as the blogorati and a host of others gather in Boston to talk Blogs.
For the second year, here is our guide to BloggerCon from afar.

BloggerCon Central: the Official BloggerCon site with all the latest news
The Schedule: official schedule. The highlight should be the always excellent Jeff Jarvis on Blogging as a Business 3-4:30pm Pound 204
BOSTON IS GMT -5 hours
Audio Webcast from Pound 200, 201, 202 & 204.
Video Webcast is also available but this was highly unreliable last year.
Particpate using IRC

Key Bloggers and their thoughts
Dave Winer, BloggerCon Guru
Doc Searls
Jeff Jarvis
Michael Femia for views a little more off-beat

For the latest commentary amongst Bloggers check out Feedster & Technorati

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and we will be back with a wrap up tomorrow.

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