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Bloggers Get Press Credentials After Filing Lawsuit

Bloggers Get Press Credentials After Filing Lawsuit

In November 2008, three bloggers filed a lawsuit against New York City after being denied press credentials from the New York Police Department in 2007, due to the fact that they weren’t traditional media. Now they have gotten their credentials as NYPD have relented. This according to the blogger’s lawyer, Norman Siegel.

“This step recognizes that bloggers are 21st-century journalists,” Mr. Siegel, a noted civil liberties lawyer who has announced plans to run for public advocate next year, said in a phone interview. “It’s an important first step, but only a first step, because we still need to address the constitutional problem of who gets press credentials in New York City. The Police Department should not be in the business of determining who’s a journalist.”

In other words, they are going ahead with the lawsuit to force “further reforms”. Good news for NYC bloggers I’m sure. Read more about this at the City Room Blog over at NY Times.

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