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Blogging and Gaming Finally Recognized as Professions

Blogging and Gaming Finally Recognized as Professions

The advent of technology has changed the world of employment. The modernization and globalization of economies have introduced a wide variety of new career choices and professions made available for the youth of today and the future. Originally thought of as hobbies, blogging and gaming are now recognized as career choices in multiple countries all over the world. In fact, these professions are among the highest-paid careers in the digital industry.

Blogging and gaming may be an unusual profession for many. But, for those who really understand how the industry works, blogging and gaming are professions that could be further developed into a business. Champion writers and gamers are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars not only by the companies that employ them but also by the sponsors that support them.

Professional Blogging as a career choice

Before gaming became considered as a career choice, professional blogging was already mainstreamed. Blogging was already considered as a profitable activity since the early 2000s brought about by the rising popularity of the world wide web. Blogging is a great way to share or disseminate information to a large audience. Since there is a wide range of topics and niches to blog about, more and more people are motivated to read and even create their own blogs.

There are multiple benefits to professional blogging and the most important of these is the luxury of time. Realistically, blogging could be done anywhere as long as there are connectivity and power. This career is great for individuals who wish to just work from home.  The workload is difficult but manageable.  There is no requirement to create entries multiple times a day. One important skill a blogger needs to remember is to keep up a wide network of readers and supporters. Also, it is best to learn how to maximize Google search optimization.

Blogging is now considered as a profession. Image Source: Pixabay

It is important to note, however, that it is a different conversation when one individual is managing multiple blogs and websites. This could be too much work to handle for just one person, especially if the blog’s activity is high. For those who wish to take blogging as a career, there are many workshops available online. These workshops teach not just writing but blog management, social media management, SEO knowledge, financing, web development, and client management. Blogging is so much more than just writing. In itself, a blog is a business or an enterprise that needs to be marketed and sold.

E-sports as a University Degree Program and an Athletic Career

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are degree programs offered to young e-sports enthusiasts. What is important to note that it is not just about gaming, e-sports is an industry. It is not just an athletic career choice made by an individual, it is a marketable and profitable business for a variety of stakeholders. Just for the games themselves, the industry requires developers, graphic designers, artists, and coders. For events and championship games, different roles are at play. There are hosts, social media managers, marketers, administrators, and producers. Competitions and events require an entire production team and multiple technical teams covering connectivity, equipment, and all that.


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It is more than just business, e-sports has a culture and community of its own. There are fan bases all over the world not just for the games, but for the gamers. There are avid supporters for popular game development companies, signature graphic designers, and more. This is why gaming, and e-sports in general, cannot be taken too lightly.

What is more interesting about this is the fact that there are scholarships available for talented gamers in the world. Gaming is such a difficult career choice to make. It involves continuous training and a non-stop skill development to achieve abilities that may be innate (or natural) to some. This involves strategies, quick thinking, team playing, and more.

E-sports related degree programs are more than just gaming. These programs train students in all aspects of the sport – developing teams, organizing and creating events, marketing events, and eventually promoting events. These degree programs explore the science of demand for e-sports – how to keep audiences entertained, how to motivate gamers to train, and maybe how to develop concepts for games based on current trends.

Common Ground: Gaming and Blogging

One similarity between gaming and blogging is the fact that it relies heavily on audience demand. The science of blogging and e-sports will rely heavily on trends set by the audiences’ interests and enjoyment. This is another skill that bloggers and gamers develop through time. This is why gaming and blogging cannot be done simply by any individual. There are special skills and expertise required for the development of both industries. Gaming has a high physical audience, people would literally pay tickets to watch their favorite gamers create strategies and game plans (possibly to try replicating it in personal games). On the other hand, blogging has a wider range of digital audiences.

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