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Blogging and Social Bookmarking Survey

Blogging and Social Bookmarking Survey

A reader emailed in to ask for help in publicizing his survey on blogging and social bookmarking trends. Peter van Gerner’s survey consists of 20 questions, mostly about preferences in blogging and social bookmarking.

I am researching blogger’s needs, perceptions and the tools they use, by the way of a survey. As part of my bachelors degree in Communications I am writing a communication plan aimed at bloggers for a new Web service.

The survey will be accessable until the 14th of March and takes only 5 – 8 minutes to complete. After the 14th of March I will process the results and publish them about a week later on my blog (currently used for the survey).

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The survey is in English, but some of the form elements are in Dutch. Still, it’s easy enough to guess what they refer to (like “next” page, “others”, etc.). Kindly visit if you’d like to participate.

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